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Hi friends!  This is Mallory and this time around, I have a personal story to tell you: I recently took my car to a local service shop for an oil change and general inspection.  After a pleasant experience in the waiting room with my "Chefs" magazine I went to the front desk to pay for the service.  I was shocked to find that the paperwork they presented me with was completely unorganized and had footprints and dirt all over them.  I also noticed that the merchant's copies were simply paper clipped together (not even stapled!) with my personal and payment information, and set on top of a stack on the back desk, that I can only assume would end up in some kind of secure file cabinet at the end of the day (at least that is what I hope!).  With identity theft being what it is today, and with my desire to have organized and clean paperwork, (I am not OCD, I swear!) I was clearly unhappy with the result.  To top it off after they called me to the front desk they fumbled with the paperwork and had to obtain more from the service team that was missing, so I had to wait longer.

Thankfully, here at the Binding101 corner of Buy101 we have the solution: Job jackets.  They are used in many industries as a way to keep consistency for proper storage and filing.  What is a job jacket? Essentially it is a heavy-duty folder, sleeve or bag that keeps all of the bits and pieces of a single job together in one place.  They are typically made of a vinyl or poly material for flexibility and durability.  A service shop, for instance, would use them to hold multiple job tickets describing the characteristics and any special requirements for the job or client, and even the car keys (temporarily). In the marketing and advertising world, job jackets might contain layouts, printing specifications, quotes and purchase orders, vendor pricing, PMS color swatches and other graphics or samples associated with the project.

They come in different layouts and colors you say?  Why yes they do!  Here are some of the most popular job jacket styles:

Black Trim Job Ticket Holders

Black Back Job Ticket Holders

Expandable Job Ticket Holder

Custom Job Jackets

If you want to make your jackets really spiffy (which is great for branding and promotions given to current and potential clients) then Buy101 can even custom print your logo, or any other information, on the front.  Aside from printing, we have all of the equipment to create custom sizes, multi-pocket job jackets, special punched and closure jackets, and more!

By the way, I pitched these products the last time I went in for an oil change and brought them a couple of samples to test out.  Three days later I received a call from their purchaser ready to order boxes and boxes because their employees were so happy to finally have some kind of system to keep the items together and clean.  While I will not be returning to see progress until my next check-up is needed, I am sure they are putting these job ticket holders to good use.  Don't let your shop lose valuable information (and subsequently, customers)... you can purchase your own job jackets on or call (866)537-2244 for more information.


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